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All donations act as a working poor tax credit and will go directly toward the costs associated with dental treatments

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Offering Dental Services to Formerly Incarcerated People
Smiles Beyond the Bars is a faith based non-profit whose mission is to change the lives of formerly incarcerated people by changing their smiles.

Through a network of dental professionals and labs, Smiles Beyond The Bars has helped more than 150 deserving, formerly incarcerated candidates in Arizona and California whose teeth have suffered the effects of drugs, poverty and prison. With over one million dollars in dental procedures done, our recipients have successfully transitioned into society. Our recipients have less than a 1% recidivism rate and an average of 7.5 million in tax payer’s dollars not going towards incarceration cost.

Our Mission
We embrace men and women who have begun the process of changing their lives.

In partnership with the finest professionals of the dental community, we extend comprehensive dental service to our candidates. We give our people not just a new smile, but a chance to help themselves.

We collaborate with other like-minded organizations providing services enabling people to change their lives.
Sarai's Story
When I look in the mirror, I'm just so happy. I can smile with out shame. I can be myself. I can talk to people without scaring them away. I can sing. I never knew I could sing! When my mouth got fixed, I found I could do a lot of different things that I never would even try, because my self confidence was just so low.

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Hear From Recipients and Providers Whose Lives Have Been Transformed by Smiles Beyond the Bars

Smiles Beyond the Bars is currently looking for a dental facility in which to concentrate our services. And in order to operate in our own facility and continue efforts in treating incarcerated people and their families, we are seeking donations to fund the building.

All donations act as a working poor tax credit and will go directly toward the costs associated with dental treatments. We are so thankful for each of the kind hearts at the Legacy Foundation for giving us the opportunity to continue to change lives, one smile at a time.

All dental services are pro bono. Some lab work fees may apply.

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